Supplier Showcase & Fall Kick-Off Podcast

10/22/2021 2:09:50 PM ET   SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge Series

The Supplier Showcase and the Fall Kick-Off will be happening on October 28th and 29th and you won’t want to miss it. Check out the write ups below to learn more about all the great opportunities available to all SAE University Programs this month. Lastly, don’t forget that October 31st is the last day that teams can sign up for a 2022 CDS or ETS event.

1. The Supplier Showcase & The Fall Kick Off Podcast

Prepare yourself for the Supplier Showcase & Fall Kick-Off events next week by listening to our latest podcast episode!

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2. Supplier Showcase: October 28th

Register today for our inaugural Supplier Showcase event! The schedule of sessions for this year’s Technical Skillshops hosted by CDS equipment suppliers is growing! We have 9 sponsors committed to this year’s showcase with topics and summaries being updated weekly. A few new sessions have been finalized since our last update - check them out below!

  • Basics of Vehicle Noise and Vibration – Recording, Analysis, Sound Quality, 10 AM ET
    Vehicle manufacturers realize the importance of noise and vibration to their customers. From JD Power scores to Car and Driver comparisons to warranty reduction efforts, this area is heavily developed, engineered, and investigated when making and servicing vehicles. Besides legal requirements like passby noise, there is the customer experience to consider – the sound has to be right! In a live demonstration, HEAD acoustics will present the basics of how noise and vibration is recorded and analyzed, with sound examples of different vehicles, and further investigations that OEMs and your team could take to make sure your vehicle measures up to or stands out from the rest.

  • SAE Competition Success – How Modeling and Simulation can help you win!, 10 AM ET
    Modeling and Simulation help you gain insights into your design while saving time and money! Learn how MATLAB and Simulink can help you model systems, optimize and tune designs and win! Join us to see how you can get started with Model-Based Design, MATLAB, Simulink, and application specific toolboxes like vehicle modeling, algorithm design, sensitivity analysis and mission simulations.

  • Using Mastercam to improve CNC Machining Capabilities– October 28, 11 AM ET
    In Mastercam’s live session, we’ll show you how to leverage Mastercam to efficiently program parts, visualize toolpaths, and avoid costly mistakes. Topics include basic chip cutting theory, benefits of 5-axis machining, new Mastercam 2022 features, and programming your first part in Mastercam. You’ll learn about Mastercam resources available for teams to use (Mastercam University, demo parts, software downloads, etc).

    Multimatic has brought its world-famous DSSV (Dynamic Suspensions Spool Valve) damping technology to Formula SAE. This presentation explains how interns from Canadian and British universities, partnered with Multimatic engineers, have taken this proven damping technology and redesigned it for FSAE. We will cover a range of subjects including fundamentals of dampers and suspension, an overview of DSSV technology, and a technical exploration of our FSAE DSSV damper design & development. Several FSAE teams involved during its pilot launch in 2020 implemented these DSSV dampers on their vehicles with great success. These dampers are now available for purchase in two configurations, corner and mode-decoupled suspension, for the upcoming 2022 season.

  • How you can apply Metal 3D Printing for Student Vehicle Competitions– October 28, 2 PM ET
    Are you considering cheaper and faster alternatives to machining complex parts? Want to expand your design and engineering capabilities? Don’t let traditional methods rule your imagination. We will present an overview of where metal 3D printing is today, and how Desktop Metal products can help you win!

  • Catalytic Combustion Corp.– October 28, 2 PM ET
    Catalytic Combustion Corporation (CCC) is an emission control technology company developing and manufacturing products that help remove harmful substances and noise from process exhaust. Our products range from systems to control emissions from large manufacturers and power generating operations to small catalysts that control emissions from household appliances and most every application in-between.

Supplier Showcase - Register Today!

3. Fall Kick-Off: October 29, 10 AM – 4 PM ET

Register today for our second annual Fall Kick-Off event! We have plenty of great sessions planned for 2022 CDS teams on the 29th! We will have several sessions reviewing information such as how to: navigate competition web pages, submit documents, access SAE standards in MOBILIS, complete the Fast Track Roster process, and more! A few new sessions have been finalized since our last update - check them out below!

  • SAE's Vision of Centrality in Mobility– October 29, 10:00 AM ET
    Join SAE International's Executive VP & Chief Operating Officer Raman Venkatesh as he discusses SAE's Vision of Centrality in Mobility!

  • Staying Updated in the 2021-22 Season– October 29, 12 PM ET
    Join us while we discuss the news feed, mobile apps and all of the ways to stay connected throughout the season ahead.

  • What is the 'Fast Track Roster'?– October 29, 2 PM ET
    Join us while we talk about the importance of affiliation, your Fast Track Roster deadline, and how to make sure that you're meeting all of the Fast Track requirements.

  • Accessing MOBILIS– October 29, 3 PM ET
    Join Nicole Hicks as she talks with Angela Kenner of SAE International's Global Products department about MOBILIS and how to access standards that are available to your team!

  • Commonly Asked Questions at [email protected]– October 29, 3 PM ET
    Join Sara Guffey, Nicole Hicks and Scott Schultz of the support team as they review what [email protected] is, how it can be beneficial to you, and some of the most commonly ask questions that they receive.

Fall Kick-Off - Register Today!

4. Membership Student Days in Member Connection: October 25-29

What is "Student Days" in Member Connection?
This is an activity that takes place in the NEW Student Community in Member Connection. The student community is a space for students to interact with their peers and discuss technical topics, vehicle competition topics (Baja, Formula, or Aerodesign), exchange ideas around SAE Collegiate Chapters, and more.

October 27 and 28: Chat with the Expert on the topic of "Failure."

Experts include:

  • Alba Colon; Hendrick Motorsports; Director Competition Systems
  • Dylan Konop; Mechanical Engineering student, Bradley University, May 2022
  • Ryan Reynolds; Senior Program Manager, Lockheed Martin Skunk Works
  • Gina Covarrubias; Engineering Life Coach at
  • Alexander Rath; Controls Systems Engineer at General Motors
  • Tynan Kassman; Corporate Quality Engineering - Daimler Trucks North America

Full details are on the student page here: