What is LearnTwice?

Think about everything you’ve learned about engineering...Now think about the people who inspired you along the way. SAE International’s LearnTwice™ program provides university students with a unique opportunity to mentor young learners participating in A World In Motion® (AWIM®).

LearnTwice gives university students a chance to share knowledge and inspire curiosity with the next generation. LearnTwice volunteers receive the resources and training to support the implementation of AWIM in a local elementary or middle school classroom.

By participating in LearnTwice, university teams can earn funding to put towards SAE competition expenses while giving back to their community.

Program Impact

AWIM Benefits

  • PreK-8 students have more opportunities for one-on-one interactions
  • PreK-8 students build relationships with mentors and make real-world connections
  • Teachers enrich learning with more perspectives and helping hands
  • Teachers receive complimentary AWIM curriculum, materials, training and support

University Student Benefits

  • Strengthen leadership and mentoring skills to use in future career
  • Serve as a mentor and make the difference in the life of a young learner
  • Build connections in the local community
  • Earn compensation to help fund participation in SAE University Programs

Who Can Participate?

LearnTwice is open to all active current season university teams participating in any of SAE International's University Programs. This includes all events that are part of the Collegiate Design Series™ or Emerging Technology Series™.

Where can I learn more information about the program and AWIM?

How can I sign up?

Login to your account on www.saecleansnowmobile.com. Click the 'LearnTwice' link that is towards the bottom of your team member menu. Here you will find information and will have the ability to sign up for this opportunity. Access and fill out the registration form by inputting your Invoice Number into the text box below and hitting submit. Upon approval, materials will be sent to the AWIM teacher at the shipping address provided on the registration form.


Contact [email protected]