Engineering Design Presentation Volunteer Information

Position Title: Technical Design Judge

Position Description: The technical design judging event consists of two parts: Technical Design Paper Review and Technical Design Presentation Evaluation.

Judges will be asked to read, review and score assigned teams submissions prior to the presentation event day. These points will be combined with the team’s verbal presentation for a combined technical design score. Judges will participate in 60-minute time slots to evaluate the knowledge of the presenters related to the projects and ability to participate in Q&A session.

Judges will be granted access to the technical design papers a minimum two weeks from the virtual presentation event. The virtual presentation will take place prior to the onsite competition portion.

Preferred Skills/Qualifications/ Experience: It is expected that each person judging in design to have professional engineering experience. Ideal judges should have engineering experience with snowmobiles, automotive, emissions, noise, or similar. Past SAE CSC experience is not required but is preferred.

In addition, an outgoing personality with a friendly approach to people while facilitating a critical evaluation of design work and understanding of academic learning events is highly desirable.

Orientation and Training: All volunteers will need to read the rules, review the scoring rubric, and will undergo training.

Work Conducted via: Judges will be provided access to team submissions through official competition website: Scores for the design papers will also be captured using an online scoring rubric.

Judges will participate in design judging in a virtual environment prior to the onsite competition portion. SAE will provide the virtual platform. Scores for the design presentation will also be captured using an online scoring rubric on the competition official website.

Time Commitment: Review and scoring of technical design papers can take up to 30 minutes per team. Judges will be asked to volunteer for a full day (8 hours) for virtual design presentation.

SAE Members only: Membership not required.