Technical Inspection Volunteer Information

Position Title: Technical Inspector

Position Description: Technical Inspectors will examine all items included on the technical inspection form plus any other items the inspectors may wish to examine to endure conformance with the rules. If any noncompliance is found, the team will be notified by the inspector. Teams must correct all noncompliance’s before the snowmobile is permitted to compete in any event.

Both static and dynamic inspections will be performed on each sled. Key elements such as the frame, transmission and high-pressure fuel line modifications are checked along with the operation driver protective equipment, disconnect tether, and kill switch.

Preferred Skills/Qualifications/ Experience: Technical inspectors should be qualified scrutineers or people familiar with vehicle engineering, design, fabrication, and snowmobiles. Understand the SAE Clean Snowmobile Rules.

Past SAE CSC experience is not required but preferred.

Orientation and Training: All volunteers will need to read the rules, review the technical inspection form and will be given training.

Work Conducted via: There is no work required prior to the competition unless volunteers wish to participate in review of required technical submissions for teams who choose to make modifications chassis, transmission, or high-pressure fuel lines.

All tech inspection will occur onsite at competition.

Time Commitment: 2 days

SAE Members only: Membership not required.

Leadership Skills Obtained in this Role: opportunities exist for rules inquiry, rule committee member, document review and onsite safety leads.

Additional Role Needed (No Engineering Experience Required):
Event Volunteers are needed to assist National Technical Inspection team with administrative tasks.